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Set The Children Free From Sorrow,
Lead Them To A Fulfilling Life.
Let’s work together to support education
for the children who are in financially
difficult family environments.

※CAMEL stands for Child Aid Movement by E-learning.
This contains our hope;”We want to carry the children
who are left behind in a desert to an oasis.”



Greeting From the Representative Director

There are 3.62 million children who live below the poverty line in Japan and more than 130 million children who are not able to go to school because of poverty or conflicts worldwide. Under such conditions, they tend to get trapped in a vicious circle; Less educated →Less Income→Generational Chain of Poverty. This vicious circle has perpetuated the expansion of the gap between the rich and poor, and the polarization of the society. Although many organizations stand up to tackle the problems, many of them are struggling because there is not enough a large budget considering the number of children who are in need to be saved. I happen to have been engaged in education as an E-learning Expert providing distance learning to students. Therefore, I immediately realized that we could utilize this technology to give our lessons to the children not only in Japan, but also in the world through mobile devices. We hope E-learning technology makes changes in their lives. We hope they graduate from high school without dropping out or becoming juvenile delinquents and that they continue their study to higher education to get out of a negative chain. Please join us to make a change in the world.

Isaku Otsuka

Representative Director Profile:


Isaku Otsuka

  • Educator (Junior and High school Specialized Teacher’s Certificate), with both B.A and M.A from Waseda University. Manager of a preparatory school, E-learning expert, and Educational researcher.
    Currently working at a preparatory school and a private school. After graduation, Manages a preparatory school in Nakano post-graduation in addition to founding the production of educational satellite broadcasting channels. Looking ahead to the future, Otsuka envisions the distribution of video lessons.  For the first time in the E-Learning business category, profits have rendered black. At present, private schools and high schools E-learning platforms include: High school(209 schools), University(3 schools), GAKKEN(A Japanese publishing company), Benesse (A Japanese company which focuses on correspondence education and publishing.), and Major insurance companies with more than 100 thousand paid members. B.A and M.A from Waseda University.

Why E-learning?

E-learning archives all the video lessons created
in the cloud and enables students to access to
the educational system anytime, anywhere.

The following are the main Features;
1)Unlimited Number
2)No place needed
3)Minimum hiring costs
4)High-level Lessons
5)Anytime, Anywhere,as many times as needed

One can expect the highest cost performance in E-Learning.

E-learning VS Traditional Methods

A one-to-one learning situation may represent the best case scenario for students, but for this traditional method to be carried out, a vast population of hired teachers would need to be sent out. Moreover, NPOs, government and local municipals will have to establish many bases to support such an endeavor. Unfortunately, it is financially impossible. Only E-learning serves as a solution to this educational crisis.


Outlook of E-learning

The gap between the rich and poor, and the children who live below the poverty line are the common issues around the world. We try to promote our E-learning service not only in Japan but also worldwide as soon as possible.


Current Education Gap Situation in Japan:

The gap between rich and poor has been getting wider. There has been a sharp increase in the number of children who live in low-income households in Japan. According to a government survey, the child poverty rate is 15.7% (one in six children). It’s equivalent to 3.62 million children in total. Although there are some exceptions, the children who are not be able to go to a preparatory school or financially capable of employing a tutor are less advantaged in their school grades and exams. Many people hire volunteers to fund a free preparatory school with subsidy from the government and municipality. However no amount of money could
help all the children in need.

As an expert of E-learning, who is currently streaming lessons to over 100 thousand paid members, I believe the utilization of
this technology could greatly and positively impact this situation.
First, we aim for 1 thousand people and then,
5 thousands, 10 thousands, 50 thousands,
and 100 thousands, we strive slowly but surely
to promote our mission
“CAMEL= Set The Children Free From Sorrow,
Lead Them To A Fulfilling Life.”
Please join us to make a change in the world.